Bathroom Renovation: Before

After setting up the basics, kitchen, bedroom, internet, etc., B and I decided the first order of business would be renovating our 1st floor bathroom. Knowing that we intentionally bought a fixer upper, we were pretty excited to get going on our first project (even though neither of us are very handy, and have literally never done any kind of major construction before).

It’s a whole lot of 70’s inspired yellow vinyl and dark wood and ready for a new look. We lined up a great contractor that was recommended by a friend.* I knew I wanted something a little more on the formal side, since it will double as a guest & master bathroom but B reminded me (daily) that we needed to stick to our budget.. stay tuned for some inspiration & the final reveal.

*Pro-tip: ask family & friends for recommendations on contractors, painters, etc. before doing house related work, it’s the best way to see the quality of the work and you will feel a little more relaxed about letting a stranger into your home!

Below is what we’re working with:


Pre-Reno Bathroom complete with faux painted curtain   (excuse the Dunks cup, but we’re in New England)






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